• CSC XII Visits NEDA XII for PRIME-HRM Onsite Assessment and Validation

    A team from the Policy, Standards and Monitoring Division, Civil Service Commission XII, namely Ms. Elizabeth M. Rasalan and Mr. Travis Ryan Delos Reyes visited the NEDA Regional Office (NRO) XII on 11-13 March 2015 for the onsite assessment and validation, in line with CSC Memo No. 3, s. 2002 on the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in...

  • Orientation on Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines capped NEDA XII Women’s Month Celebration for CY 2015

    The National Economic and Development Authority Regional Office (NRO) XII concluded the CY 2015 women’s month celebration with an orientation on the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) facilitated by Ms. Sandra J. Alido, Senior EDS of the Policy Formulation and Planning Division (PFPD), on April 6, 2015 at Viajera Dine and Café, Brgy. Morales, Koronadal City. Ms. Alido...

  • RLUC XII TWG Members and Secretariat Re-tooled on Spatial and Land Use Planning Tools

    The NEDA Regional Office XII recently coordinated a retooling and refresher course for the Regional Land Use Committee (RLUC) XII Technical Working Group (TWG) members and Secretariat in preparation for the assessment of the Regional Physical Framework Plan (RPFP), CY 2004-2030 and the formulation of the Regional Strategies Development Framework Plan (RSDFP), CY 2015-2045. The three-day training, held on...

  • Koronadal City DRRMO Rated NEDA XII 95% Performance in its Earthquake Drill

    In line with the first quarter nationwide simultaneous earthquake drill on March 27, 2015, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) XII, in coordination with Koronadal City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO), conducted the drill on the said day. The said drill was participated in by the employees of NEDA XII led by its Disaster Control Group...

  • ONE XII Holds General Assembly, Camaraderie and Cooperation of Members Strengthened

    The Organization of NEDA Employees (ONE) XII held its Annual General Assembly on January 28, 2015 at the Special Reference and Data Center (SRDC) of NEDA XII Office in Koronadal City. About 86 percent of the total members attended the said assembly, which started at 10:00 o’clock in the morning and ended at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon....

MinDa Chairperson Luwalhati R. Antonino Graces 49th Regional Development Council (RDC) XII Meeting
Secretary Luwalhati R. Antonino, chairperson of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) Board, updated the Regional Development Council (RDC) XII on MinDA’s latest development thrusts for Mindanao during the Council’s 49th Regular Meeting on 25 March 2015 at the Farm@Carpenter Hill, Koronadal City, South Cotabato.


RDC XII Endorses PhP90.768 Billion Budget Proposals for FY 2016
The RDC XII Executive Committee (ExCom) conducted a budget review/consultation on the budget proposals for FY 2016 of thirty-four (34) Regional Line Agencies (RLAs), five (5) State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), and six (6) Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCCs) on March 17-21, 2015 at Viajera Dine and Café, Koronadal City. The four-day review focused on the programs/projects/activities (PPAs) included in the FY 2016 budget proposals with an aggregate total of PhP 90.768 billion pesos, which the ExCom endorsed.


RDC XII Facilitates Broader Understanding of the ASEAN Economic Integration by 2015
The Regional Development Council (RDC) XII is pushing for broader understanding of the ASEAN Economic Integration (AEI) which will be in full swing starting this year.

RDC XII-Advisory Committee Pushes for Improved Interconnection of National Secondary Roads in Region XII and the Improvement of the Regional Government Center
The Regional Development Council (RDC) XII – Advisory Committee (AdCom) is pushing the improvement of the national secondary roads in the region, as well as the improvement of the Regional Government Center in Koronadal City during its recent meeting in Gen. Santos City. This was bared by NEDA XII Regional Director Arturo G. Valero who presided the meeting in his capacity as the RDC XII and AdCom acting chairperson.

RDC XII Sectoral Committees Review CY 2016 AIP
The four (4) sectoral committees of Regional Development Council (RDC) XII simultaneously conducted a review of the validated CY 2016 Annual Investment Programs (AIP) of the regional line agencies (RLAs), state universities and colleges (SUCs), and other instrumentalities of the National Government, such as government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), in Region XII. The review was conducted on November 4, 2014 at Cinco Niñas, General Santos Drive, Koronadal City.



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Population 4.11 Million (2010) 4.11 Million (2010)
Population Growth Rate 2.46% (2000-2010) 2.46% (2000-2010)
Land Area 19,165.87 19,165.87
Number of Local Government Units 4 Provinces and 5 Cities 45 Municipalities and 1,194 Barangays 4 Provinces and 5 Cities 45 Municipalities and 1,194 Barangays
Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) 1,172.262 Billion (2012) 1172.262 Billion (2012)
GRDP Growth Rate 8.4% (2012-2013) 8.0% (2011-2012)
GVA in Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing (AHFF) 3.5% (2013) 5.4% (2011-2012)
GVA in Industry 11.6% (2013) 10.8% (2011-2012)
GVA in Services 9.4% (2013) 8.1% (2011-2012)
Investments Php72.625 Million (Q2 2014)* Php968.12 Million (Q1 2013)
Inflation Rate 3.9% (Dec. 2014) 5.0% (Dec. 2013)
Consumer Price Index (CPI) 149.7 (Dec. 2014) 144.1 (Dec. 2013)
Labor Force Participation Rate 65% (Oct. 2014) 65.7% (Oct. 2013)
Unemployment Rate 2.9% (Oct. 2014) 3.0% (Oct. 2013)
Under-employment Rate 21.8% (Oct. 2014) 24.5% (Oct. 2013)
Poverty Incidence among population 44.7% (2012) 35.7% (Oct. 2009)
Poverty Incidence among families 37.1% (2012) 28.1% (2009)
Poverty Threshold (Annual per Capita) Php18,737 (2012) Php15,762 (2009)
Infant Mortality Rate (per 1,000 live births) 7.97 (2013, DOH XII) 8.41 (2012, DOH XII)
Maternal Mortality Rate (per 100,000 LB) ) 70.86 (2013, DOH XII) 87.88 (2012, DOH XII)
Life Expectancy at Birth (2010-2015) 67.4 yrs. (M); 72.3 yrs. (F) 67.4 yrs. (M); 72.3 yrs. (F)
Households with access to potable water 93.19% (2013, DOH XII) 91.02% (2012, DOH XII)
Households with access to sanitary toilets 82.86% (2013, DOH XII) 81.24% (2012, DOH XII)
Net Enrolment Ratio (Elementary) 83.01% (2013.2014) 85.83% (2011-2012)
Net Enrolment Ratio (Secondary) 50.03% (2013-2014) 50.31% (2011-2012)
Cohort Survival Rate (Elementary) 74.91% (2013-2014) 63.36% (2011-2012)
Cohort Survival Rate (Secondary) 77.13% (2013-2014) 74.45% (2011-2012)
Total Road Density (km/ 0.078 km./ (June 2013) 0.076 km./ (July 2012)
Total Pavement Ratio 76.72% (June 2013) or 1,166.571 km 71.70% (June 2013) or 1,072.0629 km
Irrigation Development 39.84% (2012)
Percent of Barangay Energized 100% (2011)

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