• NEDA XII Celebrates 2014 Women’s Month

    The National Economic and Development Authority Regional Office (NRO) XII conducted various activities in celebration of March 2014 as Women’s Month. The celebration started with the reorganization of the NRO XII Gender and Development (GAD) Committee, which is now chaired by Ms. Julie Esperanza B. Chung, Chief Administrative Officer, with the following as members, namely: Helen L. Vestal, Supervising...

  • NEDA XII Staff Oriented on the New Senior Citizens Law

    In line with the CY 2014 Work Program of the NEDA Regional Office (NRO) XII for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disability, the Finance and Administrative Division facilitated the in-house session on the topic “Orientation on the New Senior Citizens Law” on 12 March 2014. The activity was held at the Special Reference and Data Center (SRDC) of NRO...

  • NEDA XII Staff Briefed on Fire Prevention in the Workplace

                The NEDA Regional Office (NRO) XII staff were briefed by  Senior Inspector Milo M. Manlabao, City Fire Marshall of Koronadal City Fire Office on “Fire Prevention in the Workplace” on 26 March 2014 at the Special Reference and Data Center (SRDC), NRO XII. The briefing was conducted in line with the NEDA RO XII Wellness Program for CY...

  • NEDA XII Opens CY 2014 Women’s Month Celebration

    The National Economic and Development Authority Regional Office XII conducted a simple but meaningful Opening Program for the 2014 Women’s Month Celebration on March 7, 2014 at the Special Reference and Data Center of NEDA Regional Office XII, Koronadal City. The theme of the month-long celebration is:”Juana, ang tatag mo ay tatag natin sa Pagbangon at Pagsulong”. Romeo C....

RDC XII Endorses PHP129.6 Billion Budget Proposal
The RDC XII Expanded Executive Committee (ExCom) conducted a five-day budget review/consultation on the budget proposals for FY 2015 of thirty-one regional line agencies, seven government owned and controlled corporations, and five state universities and colleges at FB Hotel, Koronadal City.

RDC XII Launches the Updated SOCCSKSARGEN Regional Development Plan, 2013-2016
The Regional Development Council (RDC) XII launched the Updated SOCCSKSARGEN Regional Development Plan, 2013-2016, and its companion documents, namely, the Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP), 2014-2016 and the Regional Results Matrices (RRM), on 13 February 2014 in Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

Congresspersons Pledge Closer Collaboration with RDC XII and Support to RDP
The RDC XII-Advisory Committee (RDC XII-AdCom) Reorganizational Meeting was held on 14 January, 2014 at The Farm, Brgy. Carpenter Hill, Koronadal City with Arturo G. Valero, Acting RDC XII Chairperson presiding.

RDC XII Adopts Updated Regional Development Plan and Investment Program, 2013-2016
The Regional Development Council (RDC) XIIconducted its 44th regular meeting on November 28, 2013 at Krista Del Rio Splash Resort, Koronadal City. The meeting, presided over by Acting RDC XII Chairperson Arturo G. Valero of NEDA XII, was highlighted by the RDC’s review, approval and adoption of the updated Regional Development Plan, 2014-2016.

SOCCSKSARGEN Region Celebrates 2013 RDC WEEK
The 2013 celebration of RDC Week was successfully conducted in SOCCSKSARGEN Region on September 23-27 this year. It was a display of support and cooperation among the members of the Council. This year’s celebration aims to achieve the following objectives: a) to improve RDC XII efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out its mandated functions through strengthening linkages and partnerships …

RDC XII Confirms PSR Members, Selects Nominees for Chair and Co-Chair
The Regional Development Council (RDC) XII conducted its 43rd Regular Meeting on August 14, 2013 at The Farm, Carpenter Hill, Koronadal City. The meeting was called primarily to reorganize the Council pursuant to Executive Order No. 325, Series of 1996, according to NEDA XII Regional Director Arturo G. Valero, who is currently acting RDC XII Chairperson pending the appointment of the Council’s Chair and Co-Chairperson for the term 2013-2016 by President Aquino.

Visit RDC XII Website for more Information…

Population 4.11 Million (2010) 4.11 Million (2010)
Population Growth Rate 2.46% (2000-2010) 2.46% (2000-2010)
Land Area 19,165.87 19,165.87
Number of Local Government Units 4 Provinces and 5 Cities 45 Municipalities and 1,194 Barangays 4 Provinces and 5 Cities 45 Municipalities and 1,194 Barangays
Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) 1,172.262 Billion (2012) 157.126 Billion (2011)
GRDP Growth Rate 8.1% (2011-2012) 4.0% (2010-2011)
GVA in Agriculture, Hundting, Forestry and Fishing (AHFF) 5.4% (2011-2012) 2.2% (2010-2011)
GVA in Industry 10.8% (2011-2012) 5.5% (2010-2011)
GVA in Services 8.1% (2011-2012) 4.3% (2010-2011)
Investments Php968.12 Million (Q1 2013) Php2.215 Billion (Q2 2012)
Inflation Rate 5.0% (Dec. 2013) 2.6% (Dec. 2012)
Consumer Price Index  (CPI) 144.1 (Dec. 2013) 137.1 (Dec. 2012)
Labor Force Participation Rate 65.7% (Oct. 2013) 67.2% (Oct. 2012)
Unemployment Rate 3.0% (Oct. 2013) 4.0% (Oct. 2012)
Under-employment Rate 24.5% (Oct. 2013) 22.1% (Oct. 2012)
Poverty Incidence   among  population 44.7% (2012) 35.7% (Oct. 2009)
Poverty Incidence   among  families 37.1% (2012) 28.1% (2009)
Poverty Threshold Php18,737 (2012) Php15,762 (2009)
Infant Mortality Rate (per 1,000 live births) 8.41 (2012, DOH XII) 4.57 (2011, DOH XII)
Maternal Mortality Rate (per 100,000 LB) ) 87.88 (2012, DOH XII) 70.86 (2011, DOH XII)
Life Expectancy at Birth 67.4 yrs. (M); 72.3 yrs. (F) 67.4 yrs. (M); 72.3 yrs. (F)
Households with access to potable water 91.02% (2012, DOH XII) 90.85 (2011, DOH XII)
Households with access to sanitary toilets 81.24% (2012, DOH XII) 80.47% (2011, DOH XII)
Net Enrolment Ratio   (Elementary) 85.83% (2011-2012) 84.13% (2010-2011)
Net Enrolment Ratio  (Secondary) 50.31% (2011-2012) 51.93% (2010-2011)
Cohort Survival Rate  (Elementary) 63.36 (2011-2012) 64.67% (2010-2011)
Cohort Survival Rate  (Secondary) 74.45 (2011-2012) 76.77% (2010-2011)
Basic Literacy Rate 87.03% (2008)
Total Road Density (km/ 0.078 km./ (June 2013) 0.076 km./ (July 2012)
Total Pavement Ratio 76.72% (June 2013) or 1,166.571 km 71.70% (June 2013) or 1,072.0629 km
Irrigation Development 39.84% (2012) 37.48% (2010)
Percent of Barangay Energized 100% (2011) 94.79% (2010)

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